"528 cycles-per-second, math science now proves, is central to the 'musical mathematical matrix of creation.'"

— LiveH2O.org

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LIVE H20: Concert for the Living Water to Begin Over Summer Solstice, June 19-21, 2009

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LIVE H2O Videos

Live H2O streaming video

White Eagle Grandmother Drum Portal Sea of Galilee, Israel

Grandmother Drum Global Heart

Live Interview with White Eagle leading up to the liveH2O concert in Jerusalem June 21st.

Tony Selvage with GrandMother Drum Rehearses in 528/LOVE for LIVEH2O

Scott Huckabay LIVE H2O Benefit Concert Part 1

Scott Huckabay speaks on the healing power of music

Scott Huckabay in Moncton May 14, 2009, 7:30pm

Miracles and Inspiration Live H2O: Concert for the Living Water video page


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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – June 16, 2009: Part 2 | Part 1


Here is an event you will not want to miss! During this year's Summer Solstice, beginning on Friday, June 19, through Sunday, June 21, 2009, an amazing musical and spiritual extravaganza known as, "LIVE H2O: The Concert for the Living Water" will commence across the globe.

This three-day gathering will bring together musical artists from over thirty (now over fifty as of June 16th) different locations near bodies of water found around the world, including the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, among other far-flung destinations.

Several of the musicians who have signed on, will be performing in what is known as the "Love528" musical style, which involves the concept of tuning their instruments to an ancient musical scale known as, the original Solfeggio frequencies.

Basically, the Solfeggio frequencies were the original pure notes of a long forgotten musical scale which promoted healing and transformation in the human body. This musical scale was often sung in ancient hymns found in churches before being altered by Pope Gregory the Great, while nearly all of those hymns were reported to be "lost" by the Vatican.

It is theorized that our modern musical scale is out of harmony with the Divine Creator's original frequencies. The "Love528," also known as the "miracle love note," refers to the frequency of 528hz, or the pure middle C on the musical scale, that has been scientifically proven to repair DNA in the human body.

LiveH2O is the brainchild of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who originally wrote about the ancient Solfeggio frequencies discovered encoded in the Bible in his book, "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse," co-authored by Dr. Joseph Puleo in 1999.

Since that time, Dr. Horowitz has recruited a number of musical artists to adopt the Solfeggio frequencies scale, or Love528, while recording and performing their music. (For much more background information, see our Solfeggio Frequencies section.)

The artists participating in the concert event have been drawn from a wide range of the musical spectrum, as well as, geographical locations. The festivities will begin on Friday, June 19th at 8PM Israel/Cairo time/4PM EST/ 1PM PST, when White Eagle Medicine Woman and Grandmother Drum will commence drumming at the wailing wall in Jerusalem, Israel for 5 1/2 hours.

At 7PM EST/4PM PST, music and sound healing expert, Jonathan Goldman, along with Dr. Horowitz, will call people worldwide into communion over the LIVEH2O.tv NETWORK and available radio stations. Then, at approximately 7:45 PM EST/4:45 PM PST, Buddhist monk, Traga Rinpoche, will join the international broadcast to provide prayerful counsel.

Prayers and meditations will then continue on the remainder of the evening and into the night, with continuous 24 programming available on liveH2O.tv.

(You can watch the Live H2O streaming video in a separte window here.)

On Saturday, June 20th, the music will begin in earnest and one of the largest and most interesting line-ups will be found in Long Beach, California which will feature harpist, Peter Sterling; Grammy Award winner and guitarist, Bill Miller; as well as other acts, The B.O.L.T., Iben Larssen, and Gemma Bulos.

(more in our News Section)

General Instructions for Live H2O Participants:

1) Stay tuned for updates on LIVEH2O.org, including new pages, links, schedules, and announcements.

2) Mark your calendars for June 19th-21st, 2009, and tell your family and friends to do the same. Invite everyone to celebrate this "Water-full" weekend with you. We are recreating ourselves and civilization in LOVE together.

3) Begin to prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, environmentally, and above all spiritually, for the "LOVE Water Experiment" on Sunday, June 21st. Here are some key suggestions for your preparation:

A. Improve your general fitness level. Get physical exercise with lots of deep breathing. (See also General Fitness Instructions and BIOELECTRIC INSTRUCTIONS.)

B. Observe more frequently your mind quieting. Tune into the "sound of silence," and consciously elect to let go of stress. Lighten up!

C. Go with the flow. Realize that fear is "false evidence appearing real" that your left brain conjures up because your not quite "enlightened," yet. Give yourself a break. Don't condemn a budding flower. Stop beating yourself up for having emotional challenges.

D. Realize that Wall Street is no longer "Easy Street," that money and power are not the most important treasures in life; that doctors are impotent as natural healers, that drugs are addicting and far too often deadly; that peace is more economically and societally enriching than war; and that we would all be driving like the Jetson's (i.e., using hydro-fuel and anti-gravity generators) if it wasn't for a petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel that has suppressed these "green" technologies ever since Tesla"s free energy machines were stolen and secreted by Edison's ilk.

E. Speak to people more openly than ever. People everywhere know about needed change now. And they "all want to see a plan," as John Lennon sang. We have The Plan. It is called Live H2O, and people want to get what we've got and share it.

F. Meditate, pray, and chant with LOVE, that is, 528Hz to get centered in LOVE. The "Online Temple" is great for doing this, especially using the "AH" chant with others online right now. Everyone here is naturally chanting 528Hz accappella! Join them. Come together as a spiritual community, that is, an extended human family.

It is empirically obvious the Spiritual Renaissance is upon us, and it is easier that we come together now that we are judging each other less and trusting God more. Spiritual evolution and consciousness expansion is exponentially accelerating within us. All of this is demonstrated by increasing spiritual sensitivities (for example, increased intuition), more prompt personal prayer power, and more people talking about "something wonderful happening," and it"s about time.

G. Contact your favorite bands, newspapers, radio stations, local vendors, and "green" products companies to make them aware of this great event and to get them involved.

H. While participating at a live venue, put a smile on your face, walk and talk with your heart open, and see if you can be helpful to the volunteer staff making the event happen.

I. THOROUGHLY READ THE "PRAYER PAGE" so you know what to pray for and when to synchronize your prayers and chants with our worldwide family's activities.

Bioelectric Recommendations

The process of bioelectrification is comprehensively detailed in Chapter 7 of 'Phi'. The multitudes of participants all over the world taking part in the event would be significantly contributing to its success by following a set of simple guidelines for enhancing the crystalline quality of water in the body. Drinking only purified water with nanoGold and nanoSilver optimizes the conductivity of the human body, enabling the soles of the feet to accept Earth's loving electrical current.

Participants should:

• walk barefoot - in direct electrical contact with the living Earth during the event
• drink only purified water (preferably with OxySilver) during and prior to the event*
• eat only living fruits and vegetables during and prior to the event and abstain from the intake of chemical substances (no herbal or vitamin supplements, pills or prescription drugs) or spicy foods, garlic, onions, etc.*

Commentary "I Have A Dream..."

Questions and Answers
We discussed Barack Obama, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" movies, the Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx, the UFO's sighted over North Dakota and the White House and much, much more....

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