“What people need to be able to do is access their own magic that makes them special and then they just release that into the world. And that is the power of the universe, right there.”

—Dr. Richard Bartlett,
Matrix Energetics founder

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So tonight's call is all about another healing practice known as Matrix Energetics. Now in order to understand what we are going to be discussing tonight, we would like you all to do us and yourself a favor. We are going to ask you to go on a trip with us. And while on that trip you are going to bring any luggage with you, or for a more apt term, baggage. In fact we are going to ask you to leave behind you accepted notions of reality, of the way things are and basically, much of what you have been taught throughout your life.

We would like you to step outside the box with us and completely open yourself up to brand new possibilities in your life.

We would like you to open yourself up to any and EVERYTHING. Where anything is possible and everything is possible.

This is the realm of the three M's as I like to say. Has anyone ever heard of the 3M Corporation? Well I am not referring to that but rather the 3M realms. Those are manifestation, miracles and magic.

So, open yourself up to manifesting ANYTHING you want in your life. Open yourself up to MIRACLES and believe that miracles are absolutely possible in your life and they are easy to create. And finally, open yourself up to MAGIC, where you can literally create anything you desire, out of thin air, if necessary.

Dan and I and our first guest, Brenda Teagarden are going to try and lay some groundwork on Matrix Energetics with some concepts and terminology.

Matrix Energetics incorporates some rather complex ideas such as quantum physics, superstring theory and the morphogenetic field theory and combines them together in a unified process that allows you to create incredible transformations in your life.

OK, lets see if we can explains some of these concepts in somewhat of an understandable manner. Let's start with quantum physics. Dan can you give us an explanation?

Now lets briefly talk about superstring theory and the morphogenetic field. Dan what can you tell us about those theories?

Matrix Energetics Introduction audio/video clip

OK, so I hope we have given you a foundation of Matrix Energetics. During our second hour our guest, Rosetta Black will be expanding on this subject in much greater detail.


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Our guest tonight is Rosetta Black who is not only a certified Matrix Energetics practitioner, but also a certified EFT practitioner as well. Her web site is www.winningchanges.net.

I discovered Rosetta through the official EFT web site, www.emofree.com and, then after speaking with her, I learned that she also works with clients in Matrix Energetics. So I thought she would be a great person to bring on our call to help us to understand more about both of these amazing healing techniques.

Rosetta Black is a nationally licensed EFT-Practitioner, Matrix Energetic's Practitioner, Life Coach and owner of Winning Changes.

Winning Changes, a center for improving every aspect of your life. EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques combined with Life Coaching, can remove the blocks that keep you from becoming all you were created to be. Changes begin to occur immediately that would normally take years, now happen in just a few short sessions.

Recently adding the new Matrix Energetic's as an enhancement to EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, this powerful combination, has super-charged her sessions to new levels. This art of combining energetic pathways and intuition can promote emotional and physical health, vitality, abundance, confidence, clarity and alignment.

Tonight, Rosetta is not only going to tell us about Matrix Energetics but she is also going to lead us through a Matrix Energetic session that all of you can participate in by listening to over your phone. So that should be very interesting.

So let us welcome to our call, Rosetta Black. Thank you for joining us tonight, Rosetta.

First of all, Rosetta, tell us about your background, you are certified in both Matrix Energetics and EFT?

Tell us how you got interested in Matrix Energetics?

Tell us how you combine Matrix Energetics with EFT?

OK, tell us exactly what Matrix Energetics is, from your perspective?

How many seminars have you been to covering Matrix Energetics?

Tell us about your impressions of Dr. Richard Bartlett?

Now on the videos about Matrix Energetics, that can be view on our web site in our Matrix Energetics section under "Tools," we see people literally falling over quite a lot. Can you explain this process to us and why does this happen? And has this happened to you while attending a seminar with Dr. Richard Bartlett?

How do you do time travel with Matrix Energetics?

What is the two point technique in Matrix Energetics?

Rose, would you like to give us your web site again and contact information for our guests

Notes about Rosetta:
is a life coach through Dennis Waitly program. Found out about EFT three years ago, went to masters training in Dallas for EFT and then became practitioner…her same friend who introduced her to EFT told her about Matrix Energetics and how it was going to be in Phoenix…she got an airline ticket and went there this last april…since been to 11 days of seminar experience and lots of hours to become a practitioner, listened to every interview, study groups, con call, etc…she went to the Magic seminar in Denver—level 3 with Richard Bartlett and Mark Dunn (Richard’s partner who is a naturopath). Matrix Energetics is a consciousness, more than a technique…do it in a playful manner…focus on what is possible…not on the healing nature of things….the universe has to respond…with EFT…Gary Craig says get yourself out of the way…Matrix Energetics gets your intuition to a whole new level…other counselors have you focus on the problem…and with Matrix Energetics you are doing the opposite. She has completed all levels that she knows of. The top level, Master, can only be done with more time. Anyone can do this the very first time and on their own…always ask, “what would it feel like if I could feel a place that was stuck or rigid”? the matrix is all around us….

she says you take a deep breadth in and zone out…don’t even put intent there…then ask, “what is different”…”what do I notice is different?”…might be a flower, a twitch…whatever…the 2 point is a measuring stick…for the time travel technique, she asks, “what was it like when this printer (or other object) was perfect?

Notes from the meditation with Rosetta:
Imagine a basket in the left hand, fill it up with all negativity from your entire past….fill it up, have the angels take it off to the universe…they bring it back as new and clean…

In right hand, same thing, fill the basket with all future concerns, worries…etc, toss out and angels take it off to the universe…bring it back clean

Drop pebble down from head into the heart and cause a ripple effect out and connects all of use…

Something about using two hands and finding a spot that has the weight of a quarter….

Ask yourself, what would it feel like if I could feel that…

Now, take a deep breadth, hold out left hand, angels bring your basket back….little gift wrapped package like everyday is Christmas…you can look at see what is inside…or see a big glass ball to look through and see clearly your past and see everything with clarity and understanding…

Now, do same with right hand…angels bring back your “future” basket…could have a stack of money in the basket, sunglasses (future is so bright you have to wear shades)…

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We encourage you to watch the videos on Matrix Energetics found on the left hand column of this page.

Questions and answers

After our call, Meredith Scott submitted a poem entitled "Mind Chord," that she had written earlier this year. She was inspired to send it after listening to the call, and she commented that parts of our program reminded her of this poem.

We would like to thank Meredith for sending us her wonderful and beautiful poem, which we thought you all would enjoy as well!

Mind Chord

Peach -
Yet, what is color ?
The azure of the sky says not so much
As my heart, which rings in orchestration
Seeing through emerald green
To the Sun's streaming gold
Of flutes, and horns, and chorus !
Forests strewn with abundant wildflowers
Peak the magenta crescent wave of vibrations !
Violins call tree to tree
Rapture of drums turns blue, then orange !
Far, Flung, Flying, Free !
Rainbows dress the sound of me
Can white be more shiny silver ?
Would velvet black hold stars, with bells,
More precious if violet ?
The gold leaf tastes of vanilla,
And sounds of chords, vibrating in ecstasy !
Is love of all !
Is magic's Mother !
Is the Creator's great gift
To paint feed us sounds of His eyes !
Through florid mountain crystals
Of a million voices -
Beyond the sea, sky, and blue of flutes
Rains of cherries upon bless'd harps
Hail Creation's morning !
Light, that grows the life and sound,
Flows from sphere to sphere on purple ground
Fail to see this, gauge the peril !
Life is the gift the Angels herald !
Thy Kingdom come, the Glory !

– Meredith Scott

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