“The Mayan Calendar is not predicting the end of the world in 2012, but the start of a new era.”

— Carl Johan Calleman, author, researcher

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Carl Johan Calleman –– Cracking the Secrets of the Mayan Calendar and Unfolding Consciousness

Part 1: Overview and The Mayans

Part 2: The Ninth Level of Consciousness and The Year 2011 |

Part 3: Carl Calleman Resources |

Part 4: The Mayan Calendar Levels or Cycles - 9 Steps on the Mayan Pyramid

by Scott Mowry


Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, Ph. D., a humble but brilliant medical scientist and author from Sweden, may have unlocked one of the single, greatest secrets of our times. He has provided us with perhaps the most coherent understanding of the true significance of the Mayans and their calendars –– ever!

Through his dedicated work of over thirty years interacting with the Mayan people, and deciphering their ancient records, Dr. Calleman has bestowed upon the world an invaluable new perspective and appreciation for the Mayans' unparalleled wisdom they left to the world through the amazing calendars they created.

The results are that we can now clearly see that there is both a Divine or cosmic plan to our existence and we can recognize that a higher power is steadily guiding our evolution forward towards the ultimate goal of enlightenment for all of humanity.

So in essence, we now have not only a great new comprehension of our own historical past, but also a clear projection of what lies ahead for the human race in the coming years –– the Golden Age, if you will.

Dr. Calleman's extraordinary volume of research has been chronicled in a series of books, beginning in 2000 with, "Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar," and then in 2004 with, "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness." His most recent book, released in 2009, is "The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life."

These series of books have provided a uniquely fresh, new framework of the Mayans' remarkable calendar systems, beyond what any other Mayan researchers have been able to uncover before.

Thanks to Dr. Calleman's discoveries, we now can see that by simply learning and studying the Mayan calendar material, it is possible to expand our own consciousness in many astounding ways. As a matter of fact, that is precisely what the Mayan ancestors intended when they created their calendars –– to educate, illuminate and enlighten their own people.

Yet, despite all of his incredible new discoveries, Dr. Calleman is often overlooked when the discussion turns to Mayan calendar experts. For some mysterious reason, his work often goes unrecognized while others grab the limelight, so that is precisely why we have chosen to highlight him in this section.

As relevant and important as any ancient civilization on Earth, the Mayans were an extremely advanced people in their comprehension of not only the movement of the stars, planets and our Sun, but in the evolution of the human race. In fact, the ancient Mayans knew more about the current state of humanity, than our greatest scientists, philosophers and thinkers of today.

The Mayans created over twenty different calendars, such as the Tzolk'in, also known as the sacred calendar, which is 260 days long, and the Ha' ab (or Hay'ab) calendar also known as the civil calendar, which is 365 days long. The Ha' ab calendar was considered to be Mayan solar year for agricultural, bookkeeping, or civil matters.

Both these calendars were used to measure the flow of time, or planetary cycles, including the Sun, Moon, stars and planets and their relevancy to the Mayan society as a whole.

However, rather than merely looking at the calendar as a measurement of time, Dr. Calleman discovered that the Mayans created a very special, singular calendar that focused solely on the measurement of consciousness.

This calendar of consciousness was known as the Tun calendar (depicted below), or also called the "Divine" or "prophetic" calendar, and was 360 days, in length, not 365 1/4 days as our modern Gregorian calendar tell us.

The Tun calendar was discovered by sheer happenstance in the area Coba, Mexico in 1940's. Fortunately, for the benefit of all of humanity, the archeologists who found this massive slab of carved stone, had the foresight to make a permanent record of the glyphs and symbols by immediately tracing its etchings.

Lying face down and succumbing to deterioration of the unforgivable conditions of the Mexican jungle, the Tun calendar now is protected under a hut, near where it was found. Regrettably however, many of its valuable carvings have been lost to the ravages of weathering and erosion.

For larger image see the Mayan Majix site

Nearly fifty years later, with the benefit of a fresh perspective, Dr. Calleman concluded that the Tun calendar had much more to offer than simply a record of days, months and years.

He deduced that it actually represented something much deeper and more profound. In point of fact, the Tun calendar was more concerned with the flow and rate of consciousness, going all the way back to the dawn of creation, some 16.4 billion years ago.

The Mayans had figured out that consciousness or evolution had nine distinct levels or cycles, that originated at the time of the so-called "Big Bang Theory", when our solar system was created.

Each of these nine levels of consciousness, or "underworlds," is represented by a different cycle of evolution. This is why so many of the amazing pyramid structures that the ancient Mayans built in cities like Chichen Itza (pictured right) and Palenque, located in the thick jungles of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, contain nine levels.

Each step up the pyramid symbolized a leap forward in consciousness, or a cycle of evolution, by a factor of twenty. In other words, each time a new level of consciousness is experienced, it accelerates twenty times faster than the previous cycle, and therefore, it is twenty times more powerful.

And within each level of consciousness, the Mayans further calculated there can be found thirteen separate sub-levels, also known as periods of light, called a "day," and periods of darkness, called a "night."

Thus, each level of consciousness contains seven days and six nights for a total of thirteen sub-levels. This is where the Biblical story of creation within the book of Genesis originated from which states that God created the world in seven days and six nights.

"And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made, and he rested on the seventh day. And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy." –– Genesis 2:2-3

The Mayans understood that during a period of day, or light, a new consciousness is introduced, while during a period night, or dark, that new consciousness is applied. And within each level of consciousness these days and nights flow like a wavelength, with periods of highs and lows.

Each level of consciousness within the Tun calendar has not only a period of historical evolutionary significance associated with it, but a new advanced level of consciousness. (Ian Xel Lungold at the Mayan Calendar Stone Coba, Mexico)

Beginning with the very first level of consciousness, some 16.4 billion years ago, we find what is known as the "Cellular" cycle. Each day and each night within this cycle lasted for 1.26 billion. This was the consciousness of Action / Reaction.

For a great part of this cycle, not much evolution took place as the Earth was forming itself by gathering together gases, then meteors and asteroids to create the planet. However, evolution was always moving steadily forward albeit very, very slowly.

Eventually, very simple cells began to appear on the planet, transported from outer space by various asteroids bombarding the planet as it came into being.

At the second level we find the "Mammalian" cycle, which began 820,000 million yeas ago, with each day and each night lasting for 63.4 million years. This was the evolutionary period when mammals, including monkeys, first started to appear on the planet. The consciousness associated with this cycle was Stimulus / Response.

The third level began 41 million years ago and is known as the "Familial" cycle, with each day and each night lasting for 3.1 million years. This was the period when mammals started to group themselves within family units. The consciousness associated with this cycle was Stimulus / Individual Response.

The fourth level began 2 million years ago and is known as the "Tribal" cycle, with each day and each night lasting for 158,000 years. This was the period when communities started to form within the human species.

The consciousness associated with this cycle was Similarities and Differences in the mind.

At the fifth level, 102,000 years ago was the "Cultural" cycle, with each day and each night lasting for 7,900 years. This was the period of the foundation of all cultures and the evolution of agriculture.

The consciousness associated with this cycle was the consciousness of Reason.

The sixth level began in the year 3,115 BC, was the "National" cycle (also called the "Great" cycle), with each day and each night lasting for 394 years. The consciousness associated with this cycle was the consciousness of law, or right and wrong.

The seventh level began in the year 1715 AD when we entered the "Planetary" cycle, with each day and each night lasting for 19.7 years. This period saw the emergence of the Industrial Revolution, corporate power, big government, etc. The consciousness associated with this period was the consciousness of Power.

Toward the later half of this cycle the consciousness of power became particularly evident with governments gaining dominion over the people, as we have found particularly within the United States.

On the date of January 4, 1999, we began the eighth level of consciousness known as the "Galactic" cycle, which prevailed until February 10, 2011. Each day and each night lasted only 360 days. This period embodies the consciousness of ethics, or what we might term as the time of revealing of the truth.

And finally on February 11, 2011, we have entered into the ninth and final level of consciousness known as the "Universal" cycle, and it will last a mere 260 days, when it will conclude on October 28, 2011. This will embody the consciousness of co-creation which will signal an age of unfolding miracles.

Recently, Dr. Calleman slightly adjusted the timeline and set the beginning of the ninth and final level as March 9, 2011 (amended from February 11, 2011) with each sub-level lasting only 18 days, but still concluding on the October 28, 2011 for a total of 233 days. In other words, he has concluded that within the ninth level of consciousness that evolution will be moving even faster than previously thought.

After October 28, 2011, we will reach the end of the Mayan calendar system, or the end of linear time as we have known it. Or one might even say, the end of the three-dimensional experience on planet Earth.

Then, we will simply reach the end of the evolutionary timeline within the 3-D experience and in order to continue to evolve, the planet as a whole will have to shift into a higher state of consciousness –– which means enlightenment for all.

It is important to note that by the 4th day, or basically the half-way point of the newest level of consciouness it fully overrides the older consciounsess level.

This was perfectly illustrated during the George W. Bush, Jr. administration. Throughout their first term they were powerful and seemlingly could do as they pleased –– conduct a false flag war on terror, illegally invade two countries (Afghanistan and Iraq), institute a domestic spy program, introduce a draconian Homeland Security, enable the rich and on and on.

However, during their second term, they could do no right as questions started being raised about our role in Afghanistan, their complete mishandling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief, the economy, ethics questions about key members of the cabinet and on and on and on.

By the time Bush, Jr. left office, he was the most reviled and despised President since the media had been tracking approval ratings. Vice-President Dick Cheney fared even worse and was likely the most unpopular political figure in the entire history of the United States –– ever.

It is important to be mindful that consciousness is always moving forward and upward, it never stays stagnant, even though during some of the lower periods, it moved very, very slowly for billions of years.

However, by the time we reach the ninth level, as much consciousness that occurred in 16.4 billion years will unfold in that short period of 260 days! And the consciousness levels are stacked upon one another and are occurring simultaneously. Therefore, all eight levels of consciousness are present right now, which is why the world seems to be so chaotic to us now.

And it will become even more eventful as we move into the ninth level when

What makes this whole interpretation provable beyond a shadow of a doubit is that when the history of the universe and humanity is overlaid within the track of the Mayan Tun calendar, you find there is a absolutely perfect fit. All significant historical events fall in order and all that is necessary to prove these theories is a common set of encyclopedias.

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