“Ah, but a man’s reach, should always exceed his grasp — or what’s a heaven for?”

— Robert Browning, poet

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Part 2: Soul Mates

Part 1: Law of Oneness

by Scott Mowry


"When the emotion of romance is added to those of love and sex, the obstructions between the finite mind of man and Infinite Intelligence are removed. Then a genius has been born!" –– Napoleon Hill

There is a lot of debate around the concept of soul mates. Is there just one person, and only one person, who is the ideal mate for us, in this lifetime? Our other half, so to speak? Our twin flame, or our twin soul?

Or, on the other hand, are there any number of people who could potentially be a soul mate to us? Is it possible that we could lead a very happy and loving relationship with more than just one person? Not at the same time, mind you.

The concept of a soul mate is a very romantic notion. Beautiful, sweet and perfectly suited for age-old drama, fables and fairy tales.

A million stories have been written, a thousand movies have been produced around the ideal of searching for our soul mates. And you can expect to see a million more as long as human beings remain so enthralled by the idea of romance.

However, is the pursuit of that one, and only one, special person an endeavor we should spend a lifetime longing for? Is it a productive and realistic goal that we can expect to attain sometime in our lives?

Undoubtedly, humans have always longed for relationships with the opposite sex. Speaking strictly, within the context of heterosexual coupling, men and women have always longed for one another. It has been created so divinely perfect.

Males and females are drawn to each other for the different energies and dynamics they have to offer one another. Not to mention, the drive to procreate and build a family, a tribe of our own blood relations. That drive is as ancient as man walking upright on two legs.

In the male/female dynamic, one is a masculine energy; strong, direct and aggressive, the other is feminine energy; soft, yielding and nurturing. When working together in harmony, men and women create a perfect union of energy, balance and symmetry. Perfection.

Nonetheless, romantic relationships, while intense, passionate and loving, quite often embody many negative emotions of scorn, jealousy, trauma and emotional pain. Many relationships that start off filled with love and passion and hope, often end in bitterness, pain and broken hearts. How can someone we once love so much, suddenly become someone we come to despise? Only humans can achieve that.

Have you ever witnessed a dog or a cat trudging around with a lover's scorn for another? Probably not.

It's not bad enough that human beings are in constant conflict over race, religion and creed, but sexual gender may be the most heated of all. Perhaps no more intense fighting has ensued than that between the sexes, more than any other human conflict on the planet. And that conflict has been waging since our very creation.

Have men ever truly forgiven women for enticing them into taking a bite of that proverbial apple, as the Bible tells us?

Human beings were created to love and support one another. Quite frankly, we need each other. And as we are discovering, we are all connected as one. There is actually a concept, a universal law that is known as, the Law of Oneness.

We are coming to the realization that we all in this together, good or evil, right or wrong, black or white, man or woman. ALL of us. As one.

Love is the single most powerful force in the universe. Nothing is more powerful. Nothing more sacred. Yet sometimes, romantic love can become one of the most destructive forces of all, as relationships fall tragically apart, feelings are hurt and families are splintered.

Remember the story of Anthony and Cleopatra? How many other mythical tales are those of lovers scorned who sought revenge in any number of horrible and ruthless measures? Countless, I would imagine.

Then the question has to be asked. How much of the story of soul mates has been created to keep humans in a state of chaos and confusion, always wondering where our soul mate is to be found?

Always second guessing if that person who I am in love with now, or who I am married to now, is really the right one for me? It is important to at least ask yourself, if it reasonable to spend a lifetime looking for one's soul mate and wondering if you have ever really found him or her.

The greatest form of love that exists is unconditional love. That is the kind of love that comes from the Divine. And it is there for you, whenever you want it.

Unconditional love can also be found here on Earth in that of a mother and a father for their child, or in the eyes of your family dog.

It could be argued, however, that perhaps the greatest love of all may well be the love of self. Loving ourselves in a non-judgmental, unconditional manner, though difficult to achieve, may be the most important. Because, when we learn to truly love and accept ourselves, just the way we are, with all our perceived flaws and inadequacies, then we can create astounding miracles in our life.

When we truly achieve the love of self, then we can begin to love all that is around us. And when we have learned to love all around us, good or bad, right or wrong, we can then begin to transform ourselves in truly miraculous ways.

And at the point, literally ANYTHING is possible.

Learn to fall in love with yourself. Make the priority in your life to love yourself, first and foremost. It is not an act of egotism to love yourself. You will hurt no one if you do this.

Rather, you will be able to do far more good in the world, for both your family and yourself, and others.

Perhaps, the concept of longing for soul mates is actually discovering what is within us. And our search for a soul mate is the search for the lost relationship of loving our own self, our own immortal spirit, or own higher self.

Maybe, just maybe, if we can look within us, we may find what we have been searching for all along, and there is no longer a need to long for anyone else.

For we are truly, the ones we have been waiting for.

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