“it’s that (aloha) spirit that I am absolutely convinced is what America is looking for now."

— President Barrack Obama

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Barack Obama and The Spirit of Ho'oponopono

As President Obama accepts Noble Peace Prize, is he being recognized for an impending, major world-wide announcement he will make?

News | December 10, 2009

Reported by Scott Mowry | www.miraclesandinspiration.com

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Riding an unprecedented wave of hope and optimism, Barack Obama swept into the office of President behind, not only the euphoria of the American voters, but to the relief of nearly all of the rest of the world.

But still the question remains, exactly why is it that one, Barack Hussein Obama, a man of utterly unique lineage, has become the 44th President in our nation's history?

Has he really been elected by the sheer will of the American people, or, has he been installed by the world's ruling class again, to carry on with business as usual?

Or, can we even go so far as to boldly suggest, that it was an act of profound Divine providence that has deliberately put Barack Obama in office at this time?

It would seem that all indications are pointing to the latter, as some very interesting revelations have come to light regarding President Obama and his Hawaiian roots. Enough relevant information that we may be able to draw some wonderful conclusions about the direction that the United States is ultimately heading.

Accepting the Nobel Peace prize on this day, December 10, 2009, many have criticized his selection for being far too premature for a political leader who has barely even served a year on the job. Yet many others are speculating his nomination is more about what President Obama is about to do, rather than anything he has accomplished thus far.

And, as you may have heard, much controversy still continues to rage about the disputed birth certificate of Barack Obama, despite the fact that he insists he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

What is not under question, however, (or perhaps, less so) is the fact that Mr. Obama spent the formative years of his youth raised in Hawaii, before moving to Los Angeles, California to attend college at Occidental University in 1979. He eventually transferred to Columbia University, followed by his later years at Harvard Law School.

What is also undeniable is the profound effect that the Hawaiian state of mind, or, the "Aloha spirit," if you will, has upon all of the people who live on the islands. And to a young Barack Obama, it was no different. Therefore, we can safely assume that aloha spirit remains with him to this day.

“I try to explain to them about the aloha spirit,” Mr. Obama has been quoted. “And it’s that spirit that I am absolutely convinced is what America is looking for right now.”

In fact, it is with these seemingly off-handed remarks that could offer the key clue to his whole Presidency. Let's examine these words with greater scrutiny.

As it turns out, the "Aloha Spirit Law" is more than just a state of mind, but an actual law on the books in the state of Hawaii, and it reads:

[§5-7.5] The Aloha Spirit.

(a) The Aloha Spirit is the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It brings each person to the Self. Each person must think and emote good feelings to others. In the contemplation and presence of the life force, Aloha, the following unuhi laulâ loa (free translation) may be used:

Akahai, meaning kindness to be expressed with tenderness;
Lôkahi, meaning unity, to be expressed with harmony;
`Olu`olu, meaning agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness;
Ha`aha`a, meaning humility, to be expressed with modesty;
Ahonui, meaning patience, to be expressed with perseverance

The Aloha spirit also refers to "a powerful way to resolve any problem, accomplish any goal or to achieve any state of mind or body you desire."

And still another aspect of it is the notion of accountability –– when you live in an island culture, you quickly realize there is no where to run, and no where to hide. Therefore, you have no choice but to be accountable for your own personal actions.

Even his wife, Michelle, has referenced her husband's strong ties to the islands where she has been quoted as saying: "You can't really understand Barack, until you understand Hawaii."

With all of this in mind, there are enough strong indications to suggest that Barack Obama practices the ancient Hawaiian healing and transformational system known as Ho'oponopono. If this is indeed the case, one can only imagine the profound implications this revelation would have upon the destiny of our country, and indeed, of our world.

And just to dispel the notion that all of this is mere hearsay, there is conformational evidence emanating from the mainstream press through a series of news stories that were circulated about Mr. Obama and his Hawaiian roots, during and after the 2008 Presidential election campaign.

One of these stories that was particularly noteworthy, appeared in the Washington Post on January 2, 2009 and was entitled, "Hawaii's Still Waters Run Deep for the President-Elect".

In that article, comments where made about Barack Obama's laid back demeanor during the rigors and divisiveness of the campaign:

"Friends here say the country's first island-born president-elect has long carried more than a touch of the aloha spirit in his temperament. During the campaign, many admirers questioned whether Obama was too passive in his battles against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. John McCain.

'That's Hawaii,' declared Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii), a contemporary of Obama's parents who has known the president-elect since birth. 'You take negative energy and you process it through you and it comes out as positive energy. . . . Every time Obama comes on television now, the collective blood pressure in the United States goes down 10 points. He cools the water. He's sober and he speaks sensibly in a calm manner that breeds confidence.'"

Even to a hardened skeptic, those are very interesting comments not often heard in the hardened political realms: "You take negative energy and you process it through you and it comes out as positive energy." That my friends, is Ho'oponopono in a nutshell!

And this philosophy further echoes the Aloha spirit in which some believe it is best to "bless everything that represents what you want." Or in other words, send everything within your world a blessing of love that will possess the power to transmute the negative to positive.

Now, let's examine the spiritual significance of the islands of Hawaii more closely.

Hawaii became our 50th state in 1959 and it would appear that one could make the case that, it may have been an act of Divine intervention, as perhaps a way to inject a deep spiritual consciousness into the evolution of the US.

We can say this for a number of reasons:

– 1) One could suggest that Hawaii may be one of, or perhaps, the most spiritual states in the union. With all due respect to the Native American populated states of Alaska, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, etc., Hawaii is unique for its high concentration of indigenous island people and its location of thousands of miles off the coast of the continental United States.

This fact is especially important when you consider that for hundreds of years, Hawaii stood isolated, basically untouched by Western influences.

– 2) Therefore, its location is significant because by bringing Hawaii into the union, it essentially bridged the gap between the east and west, or that of the eastern and western consciousness. This may have been done either overtly, or perhaps on a much more subconscious level. But nonetheless, this ultimately infused the US with more balance, harmony, diversity and quite possibly, spiritual depth.

– 3) Hawaii contains a wealth of highly spiritual indigenous peoples, who are of South Pacific Islander/Polynesian descent. With their arrival as Hawaii became our 50th state, we have thus seen a melding of the indigenous old world, with the more modern Western world.

This act also has highly spiritual significance in that it brings the old and new worlds together as a whole, or as an act of union, or oneness. Thus, the joining of Hawaii to the United States of America just might represent the completion of a grand Divine plan.

– 4) As it was untouched for centuries by the influences of any Western people or religions, including Christianity, until 1778 with the arrival of British explorer James Cook, Hawaii had developed its own unique spiritual practices.

One of its most significant spiritual practices was the ancient system of problem solving known as Ho'oponopono, which eventually evolved into the more modern version of Self I-Dentity Ho'oponopono (SITH), developed by Morrnah Simeona, a native Hawaiian Kahuna from birth, in 1976.

Coincidently, within two years that James Cook arrived in Hawaii, America had gained its independence, and then exactly 200 years later, as we celebrated our nation's Bicentennial, Morrnah Simeona developed an updated version of the ancient Ho'oponopono! Coincidence, or more likely, yet more synchronicity?

– 5) Then, there is the theory that Hawaii was once a part of the lost continent of Lemuria or Mu, also known as the Motherland, which along with Atlantis, disappeared into the depths of the oceans eons ago.

Some have speculated that the Hawaiian people may be a part of the lost tribes of Lemuria, which were a highly evolved race with a high level of consciousness. Is it possible that the Ho'oponopono tradition was passed down from the ancient tribes of Lemuria to the native peoples of Hawaii?

And, is it merely a coincidence, or was it intentional, that the United States, the model for a nation built upon the ideals freedom, sits between two lost continents that were purported to be the homes of two highly evolved races of people: the Lemurians on the Pacific side, and the Atlanteans on the Atlantic side?

– 6) There plainly must be a great significance that Barack Obama, a native of Hawaii, a multi-ethnic man of both black and white heritage, and part Muslim of all things, has been put into the office of the Presidency in the term that will lead us into the transitional year of 2012. He simply can't be there by accident!

His race and cultural background symbolize so many of America's open wounds that desperately need to be healed and represent two of our most racially persecuted peoples of all time: blacks and Muslims. In one fell swoop, Mr. Obama's Presidency can help to mend both of these racial divisions.

– 7) In point of fact, author and researcher, Richard Hoagland, in his video presentation, "The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama," believes that Barack Obama's Presidency is all part of grand plan that has been 1000 years in the works.

"Obama's entire election is about making the hidden history of the human race finally unhidden," Mr. Hoagland states in this presentation, filmed at the Secrets Conference in November 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona.

He postulates that Mr. Obama has strong connections to the Dogon tribes of Africa, through his father's Kenyan ancestry. The Dogons, in turn, have a link to the Sirian race, who originated from the constellation of Sirius, or as it is also known as, the Dog Star.

(See our news story, "Amazing Richard Hoagland interview with Rumor Mill News Radio on the true significance of the election of Barack Obama")

–8) Finally, perhaps we then go so far to speculate that when Barack Obama refers to the "Aloha spirit" he actually may be referring to his reverence for Ho'oponopono, at least in some form or another.

Maybe then, this is one of several factors that has generated so much controversy about his birth place. Particularly from those who stand opposed to the evolution of the human race, are therefore, would be so passionately opposed to Barack Obama's Presidency.

Therefore maybe, all this controversy about a "birth certificate" is more than just about Barack Obama the man, but rather, about Hawaii the state, and the spiritual significance it holds for the eventual emancipation of the human race as part of this overall Divine plan.

Isn't it rather ironic that the first man to become President from the state of Hawaii would endure such an enormous amount of scrutiny about where he was really born? Because even if you plant the seed of doubt in the public's mind that our President might not be a US citizen, then people begin to begin to question what is the real truth and whether he should even be eligible to be our President in the first place.

Throughout his first months of his term, Mr. Obama has become a lightning rod for the country's anger and negativity, and therefore, forced to confront his own accountability – a very precarious place to be, indeed. But perhaps, sensing the significance of the moment, he has willingly stepped into this audacious role as an act of supreme personal responsibility.

So, in essence, there is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that President Barack Obama is, at the very least, an extremely symbolic figure for the evolution of America.

And, who, given his cultural background, his home state, his allegiance to the Aloha spirit and his personal demeanor, more than likely practices the system of Ho'oponopono to a degree. As we can clearly see now, it is certainly not at all out of the realm of possibility.

Now just imagine the implications of the President of the United States of America, likely for the first time ever, practicing this ancient Hawaiian system of healing, transformation and accountability, at the most evolutionary times on planet Earth. It could have absolutely monumental significance.

How often Barack Obama practices or at what level he is devoted to Ho'oponopono, only he knows for sure. Nonetheless, even if he is only implementing it on a limited basis, then it is fair to assume that he is taking accountability, or responsibility, for everything that comes into his life.

Because 100% responsibility is the absolute fundamental principal that Ho'oponopono is based upon.

And given the amount of negative energy in the world today and the enormous array of problems on his Presidential plate, we can only imagine how much responsibility Barack Obama is ultimately discovering. And in turn, hopefully, he is working to transmute that negativity into positive energy.

This simple act alone could have an utterly profound effect upon the evolution of the human race as major, life-altering breakthroughs appear to be imminent on a number of levels.

And, if we take that assumption one step further, perhaps his dedication to this mission, may actually be one of the key reasons Barack Obama has been placed in the office of the President, at this auspicious time. Although, admittedly, that is pure speculation.

But after all, think about it –– he has overcome some incredibly enormous odds to have made it this far, by becoming America's first black President and the first from the state of Hawaii. Since most political pundits and odds makers had practically handed the election to either Hilary Clinton or John McCain.

Therefore, in conclusion, the miraculous combination of Barack Obama, Hawaii, the Aloha spirit and the system of Ho'oponopono simply cannot be underestimated in the spiritual evolution of our nation and of the human race. There is simply far too much significance here to be ignored.

If Barack Obama is "absolutely convinced that America is looking for" the aloha spirit, then perhaps he is referring to a government that is accountable, truthful and, as we have often heard, "transparent," which would be one we have not seen in over 150 years and counting.

This is not to suggest that Mr. Obama should be viewed as some kind of savior or hero, but merely the right man, for the right time, for the right job to finally get done. Because, it is simply become THE time for this evolution to unfold.

Ultimately, we have to have faith that all is aligning in perfect order and that the Divine plan is unfolding towards perfection and an amazing transformation of the human race is on the horizon. I, for one, trust that it is.

And indeed, Barack Obama, may well be a significant part of this grand Divine plan that we are witnessing. It would seem the Nobel Peace committee believes this to be true as well.

And may we all come to know peace beyond all comprehension.

© 2009 MR Productions, LLC

For more news stories see our News Archives

UPDATE: Norway light spiral – missile failure caused by UFO/ET intervention?

Mysterious light appears over Norway before Obama Peace Prize speech

– Richard Hoagland's A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?: A "Hyperdimensional Weapon's" Demo ... for Obama?

Norway wormhole is First Contact, claim UFO watchers

– UPDATE December 12, 2009: Two researchers attribute Norway light to HAARP, anti-ET space-based weapon of mass destruction

– UPDATE December 14, 2009: Another Russian rocket spiral lights up the sky

– UPDATE December 19, 2009 Pravda hides link between Kremlin UFO pyramid & Norway light spiral

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