"We would be using 95% of our brains, that the experts tell us we are not using,... if we were literally receiving the energy flow from the Divine spirit through the mathematical musical matrix, that creates all of the physical reality."

— Dr. Leonard Horowitz,
author, investigator and speaker

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The Solfeggio Frequencies – Part 1

The Solfeggio Frequencies – Part 3: Tuning Instruments to the Solfeggio Frequencies

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Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

What Are The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies?

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Saviors of Earth - The Solfeggio Ascension Frequencies

Synthesizer Re-tuning to the Ancient Solfeggio: Part 1 – Dr. Leonard Horowitz Interviews Michael Walton

Synthesizer Re-tuning to the Ancient Solfeggio: Part 2

Leonard Horowitz in Vancouver, Washington on May 24th, 2008 video

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LIVE H2O "The Concert for the Living Water" Introduction from Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

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The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies “The Perfect Circle of Sound (cont.)

Part 2: Resources

Part 3: Tuning Instruments to the Solfeggio | Part 1: Introduction and History

by Scott Mowry


There is a growing number of recorded music and meditation CD's that are being released that incorporate the Solfeggio frequencies and they may help to heal your body and balance your chakra system.

Here is a rundown of some of the more notable artists empolying the Solfeggio scale in creating their music.

One of the primary musicologists incorporating the Solfeggio frequencies is author, composer and musician, Jonathan Goldman, who has produced several notable musical CDs that contain ancient healing tones including the Solfeggio frequencies.

Of these, it would be worth particularly exploring his CD releases entitled: "Holy Harmony," "The Lost Chord," "Waves of Light," "2012 Ascension Harmonics" and "Frequencies: Sounds of Healing." These are just a few of his many musical offerings of which he has produced over thirty to date and counting.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz calls Jonathan Goldman "one of the world's leading sound healing experts." And he believes that his "Holy Harmony," recording "is creating miracle after miracle after miracle for people."

"I recommend you add prayer to it and listen to it at night, and it will not only put you to sleep, but it will cause these miraculous transformations to occur in your own body that you've prayed for," he adds.

This CD can be purchased from our amazon.com store by clicking on the link below.

Jonathan Goldman is also the author of several books on healing tones including "The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing," "Tantra Sounds," "Shifting Frequencies" and "Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics." The book, "The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing" also includes a companion CD.

He has also produced a video entitled, "Healing Sounds with Jonathan Goldman," and appears on another DVD entitled, "Of Sound Mind and Body," along with John Beaulieu, Don Campbell, Deepak Chopra MD, Kay Gardner, Steven Halpern, Jill Purce and Bernie Siegel, MD.

You can find more information and view many more video clips about Jonathan Goldman in our Guide to New Age Music section.

Another fabulous musician employing the sacred Solfeggio Frequencies in his unique brand of music is instrumental guitarist and one-man band, Scott Huckabay. He has produced a series of CDs in which he has changed the tuning on his guitar to the A444 tones, or the "Love 528, rather than the modern A440 hz.

Scott Huckabay refers to himself as a "guitar alchemyst," while Jonathan Goldman has dubbed him "the Jimi Hendrix of inspiriational music."

Upon teaming up with Dr. Horowitz, he has created a series of six recordings that specifically incorporate "The Perfect Circle of Sound" tuning of the original Solfeggio frequencies. Together they have formed a new recording label Tetrahedron Records, which features these six CD's: "Luminocity," "The Light Wins," "Walk on Water," "Beam Us Up, Scotty," "Rain Dancer" and "Love Live in 528."

These special six CD's can be only be ordered directly from the Healing World Distributing web site, which carries many other products by Dr. Horowtiz.

More information on Scott Huckabay can be found in our Guide to New Age Music section.

(from l-r) Luminocity | The Light Wins | Walk on Water

(from l-r) Beam Us Up, Scotty | Rain Dancer | Live/LOVE in 528

Both Scott Huckabay and Jonathan Goldman have been recruited by Dr. Horowitz to participate in his LiveH2O Concert for the Living Water event which will place in 2009 during the summer solstice from June 19-21 in thirty different locations around the world. The official web site for this event is, www.liveh2o.org.

The other artists who will be participating in this concert include White Eagle Medicine Woman and Grandmother Drum; Gemma Bulos; LAL; The B.O.L.T; Peter Sterling; Rosita Stone; Clan Dyken; Bill Miller; Tony Selvage; Leesa Sklover; Kumiko and Iben Larssen.

In addition, there are several other artists who have created CD's using the Solfeggio Frequencies that can also be found on the Healthy World Distributing store. These include Al Harris' "Divine Harmony"; White Eagle Medicine Woman's "Journey of the Heart" and "Songlines of the Soul"; and a CD entitled, "Solfeggio Healing Tones" by Dan Kunkle and Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

For more information go to the Healthy World Store.

Source Vibrations is another fantastic resource for original Solfeggio frequencies music. This music was composed by Jason Welch, a licensed hypnotherapist, who has also produced an array of accompanying videos.

Source Vibrations is a multidimensional audio-visual project that utilizes numerology, sacred geometry, sonic vibrational healing, Solfeggio harmonics, binaural beat frequencies and esoteric symbology to activate the subtleties of the awareness of the nature of being.

Through the language of art and music these vibratory data streams, point to the inherent, inter-connected, inter-dependent nature of consciousness and its foundation in Source Intelligence.

Source Viibrations Solfeggio music is very powerful and very transformative. We give it one of our strongest recommendations!

Below you will find a sampling of some of the music and the videos from Source Vibrations.

396 Hz | 639 Hz | 741 Hz | 852 Hz

More videos can be found at the Source Vibrations YouTube page.

You can purchase their Solfeggio Harmonics music as individual .mp3 downloads at the very reasonable prices of $1.33 each, or as a whole set for $11.11. They also offer longer selections such as "582hz Galactic Silver Fire Strand"; "693hz Violet Fire Theta Entrainment"; "714hz Reordering of Perception"; "825hz Silver Violet FIre" and "936hz Crystal Tourquise Mastery" with prices ranging from $10.22 to $17.87 for each.

You will also find a selection of other original healing music such as Frequencey Assisted and Guided Meditations, directly from their web site, www.sourcevibrations.com.

Other companies are also producing Solfeggio frequency products such as BrainWave Mind Voyages which has a CD in their catalogue entitled, "BMV Series 24 Sacred Healing Frequencies CD: Solfeggio Healing Tones (Brainwave Meditation)."

And there are two additional DVD's by Blue Diamond Technologies that use both the Solfeggio frequencies and the "Moola Mantra," that is featured as some of the primary music in the Oneness Blessing. These DVD's are entitled, "Whales, Dolphins and Chakras" and "Diamond Serenity."

Finally, there are a couple of free downloads of Solfeggio tones from the web site, www.solfeggiotones.com. The first is entitled "Solfeggio Ascension Tones" and is available as a downloadable .wav file while the second is the "Sedona 11:11 Solfeggio Frequencies" and come as six .mp3 files.

In addition, there is a video explaining Solfeggio frequencies from the same web site that is entitled, "Saviors of Earth - The Solfeggio Ascension Frequencies."

We encourage you to watch these videos and experiment with some of the music and meditation CD's. You may see some miraculous results unfold in your overall health and in your life.

(Below you will find yet more recommend books in this field of study:)

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