“You came into this life perfect, only the data, or the information, is imperfect”
— Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Joe Vitale and
Dr. Ikalahea Hew Len

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However, be aware that Dr. Hew Len teaches only a select amount of the classes that are held throughout the US and the world. There are many other competent instructors that also teach in some locations in the US.

Here is an essential article by Dr. Hew Len entitled "Who's In Charge?"

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“Zero Limits” Seminar audio recording
Dr. Joe Vitale & Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len
Recorded: January 2007 | Released: February 2008  |  www.zerolimits.info

Audio review by Scott Mowry  |  3-19-08


As good a book as "Zero Limits" is, this first ever weekend seminar where Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len have teamed together before a live audience, is even better!

Dr. Hew Len's reams of divine wisdom and spiritual insightfulness is the real star of this program. His deep understanding of the ancient Hawaiian healing practice known as, Ho'oponopono, and his ability to dispense profound wisdom to a captive audience is truly inspiring. I found this seminar to be immensely rewarding and I can say that with all honesty and sincerity, because I know how it has made me feel.

Peaceful. Joyful. Relaxed. And best of all, very, very inspired!

This seminar was recorded in early 2007 in Austin, Texas before the book, "Zero Limits," was ever released. Yet it beautifully manages to take the story, the message and the teachings up a notch or two, or ten, from the book itself!

This is primarily due to the fact that Dr. Hew Len does most of the speaking and teaching here. He commands a presence that transcends the limitations of normal seminar and that of an audio recording. He truly has a magical persona that makes you feel that you are receiving messages from a divine master.

Dare I say, Dr. Hew Len may be the "Yoda" of our times. Yes, I am aware that might sound rather corny, but honestly, I don't know a better way to describe his charisma and reverence.

Dr. Hew Len's ability to dispense such profound information that produces a deeper understanding of our lives and of our purpose in the universe, is really quite astounding.

Joe Vitale's contribution to this seminar is to act as a sideman to the amazing Dr. Hew Len show.

Despite the fact that Joe has written numerous books and articles and has led many of his own seminars, he often stands in awe and reverence for the great Hawaiian Ho'oponopono master, much the same as he does in the "Zero Limits" book.

And with good reason. He simply cannot top the kind of wisdom that Dr. Hew Len is able to deliver so easily and effortlessly and that is not meant to be a criticism of Dr. Vitale. It just seems that Dr. Hew Len operates in spiritual space that few others can occupy and you will understand this once you begin listening to him speak in this seminar.

I have listened to this program through many, many times. I found it to be an immensely rewarding adventure. It somehow manages to be both a calming and soothing experience, yet, at the same time a very stimulating one, as well. For the mind, the heart and most especially, the soul.

Upon repeated listening's, this first ever "Zero Limits" seminar weekend manages to unveil continuous treasures of wisdom and mind-expanding awareness.

Now granted, the principals of Ho'opnopono, such as, taking full of complete responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life and continuously repeating the phrases of "I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you" to the divine like a mantra, resonated very strongly with me from the beginning. That feeling actually began to occur within me as soon as I had read the book "Zero Limits."

But the treasures that awaited me with this seminar were quite surprising and it broadens the understanding of the book and Ho’oponopono in much deeper fashion.

This seminar comes in the form of up to 26 downloadable .mp3 audio files which combined together form six separate CDs. In addition, there are six .pdf documents which are transcripts of these audio files.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to listen to this program on a regular CD player, but rather you will need to play these audio files either on your computer or on an mp3 audio player such as an Apple iPod.

The "Zero Limits" seminar is available from www.zerolimits.info for $97.

I have personally not attended a Ho'oponopono event with Dr. Hew Len, however, it is something I intend to do in the very near future.*

For those of you searching for a method of inspiration, healing and just plain relaxation, Ho'oponopono may well be a system you will want to seriously consider.

I am most grateful for discovering this wonderful book, seminar and teaching known as Ho'oponopono and you just might as well. It is really quite simple to practice but it takes a dedication in order to see miracles unfold in your life.

And take it from someone who has practiced it. Miracles do unfold.

To purchase the Zero Limits seminar audio recording click here.

*(Update: Since writing this review, both I and Dan Rezac, have attended a weekend seminar with Dr. Hew Len. We both came away from the experience extremely inspired and we can emphatically give our highest recommendation to anyone who would be interested in attending one of these seminars.)

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