“The secret is to accept ourselves just the way we are.—Mabel Katz

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“The Easiest Way: Solve Your Problems and Take the Road to Love, Happiness, Wealth and the Life of Your Dreams”

by Mabel Katz | Released 2004




Book Review by Scott Mowry | March 2008

Mabel Katz is one of a handful of master teachers of the ancient Hawaiian healing art known as Ho'oponopono. She was introduced to this magical system over ten years ago and she discovered, much to her amazement, there was very little written material available.

As she immersed herself more and more into the Ho'oponopono method, Divine inspiration came through to Ms. Katz and she decided since no one else had at the time, she would write her own book about this healing system. The result was "The Easiest Way: Solve Your Problems and Take the Road to Love, Happiness, Wealth and the Life of your Dreams."

Ms. Katz admits within her book, that she is not a writer by trade. As a matter of fact, she has been an accountant most of her adult working life and still has a thriving business in the Los Angeles, CA area to this day. Despite having no prior literary experience she has put together a very valuable guide to Ho'oponopono that I believe you will find useful and very beneficial, as well.

"Ho'oponopono is the extraordinary healing system of accepting 100% responsibility for everything that is your life and asking the Divine for the power to heal and erase problems from your life and experience. Ho'oponopono is a process of forgiveness, repentance and transformation," she states.

"The Easiest Way" is a very apt title for Ms. Katz's first and only book. She strives to keep the the teachings of Ho'oponopono on very simple and easily understandable level for all of her readers. As she states, "according to Ho'oponopono, life is designed to be easy, and if it is hard, it is of our own responsibility."

Some may see this simplicity theme as a drawback, given that this is a very short book, only 84 pages. However, there is a lot of wisdom and inspiring words contained within and Mabel Katz reinforces that this simplicity factor is essential when practicing Ho'oponopono.

Our minds often believe a more difficult and complex road is necessary in order to achieve results, but Ho'oponopono teaches us to turn everything over to the Divine which will, in turn, find the quickest, easiest and perfect solutions we seek.

Mabel Katz originally hails from Argentina and she has been personally responsible for introducing many Hispanic American and South and Central American people to the Ho'oponopono method. She has broadened her reach and now hosts her own radio show in the Los Angeles market and teaches at events and tele-seminars on a regular basis.

Her profile has grown so much within the Hispanic, Los Angeles and spiritual communities, that she has come to be known as "the Latino version of Marianne Williamson."

As she states in her book, Ho'oponopono has completely transformed her life and, with a little bit of dedication and practice, it can do the same for you.

Mabel Katz has studied under and worked closely with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, whose amazing life story has been documented in the book, "Zero Limits," by Joe Vitale, which was released a full three years after "The Easiest Way." Together, Ms. Katz and Dr. Hew Len conduct seminars and classes together, several of which are available in a variety of audio formats from her official web site: www.businessbyyou.com

We have gathered together many of Mabel Katz's interviews, videos, teleconferences and web resources in the right hand column of this page, if you are interested in learning more about Ho'oponopono.

Thanks to people like Mabel Katz, Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len, Ho'oponopono is growing exponentially in its popularity and acceptance around the world. Seminars are held throughout the United States and in other foreign countries.

I can highly recommend the system of Ho'oponopono, especially if you have found that other self-help or New Age methods have simply not worked for you in the past. This healing practice dates back hundreds of years in Hawaiian culture and has proven itself to be a powerful transformation tool for many, many people world-wide.

And given that there is precious little written on the system of Ho'oponopono to be found, "The Easiest Way" gains even more importance in reading and in owning.

Ho'oponopono has the potential to heal the entire world. And it can heal you too.

But remember, always take the easiest way.

© 2008 MR, Productions, LLC

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