“Ultimately, you discover, you and God are one. You would discover, you are God."

— Sri Bhagavan, avatar
Oneness Movement

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1) “The Future of the Planet” from " A Movement in Consciousness" DVD
Very, very inspiring message on the future! A must see!

2) "2002 Gathering with Sri Bhagavan"
Another extremely inspiring message from Sri Bhagavan.

3) "A Movement in Consciousness" DVD
This is one of the best collections of the wisdom of Sri Bhagavan.

4) “2005 Oneness Message
Incredibly inspiring message on the Golden Age.

5) "The Mind" excerpt from "A Movement in Consciousness" DVD
Superb information on the ancient mind.

6) "Awakening Into Oneness" 4-DVD boxed set
This is the best way to learn all about the Oneness University.

7) "The Futility of Effort"
Very insightful wisdom.

8) "Importance of the Heart"
Understanding of the value of heart over mind.

9) "The Oneness University"
Excellent explanation of the purpose of the Oneness University.

10) "What Is Enlightenment?"
More profound wisdom on soul evolution.


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May 17, 2008

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“Awakening Into Oneness: The Power of Blessing in the Evolution of Consciousness”

by Arjuna Ardagh | Released 2007





Book review by Patty Laferriere | June 2008


Don't be surprised if after you read Arjuna Ardagh's “Awakening Into Oneness” that it kindles a desire to receive the Oneness Blessing and to be a part of the Oneness Movement. It has inspired many, many people thus.

“Deeksha,” or the Oneness Blessing, is the transfer of energy to the neocortex of the brain. It initiates a neurobiological change that, when complete, frees the senses from the constant interference of the mind. When the senses are free of the mind’s commentaries, a clarity occurs along with spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calm and a connection to the Oneness in everything.

Deeksha is transferred by a “Deeksha giver,” who places his or her hands on the crown of the head. Experiences during the deeksha vary, sometimes strong, sometimes subtle, sometimes delayed for days. The receiver may experience a tingling sensation in the head, or blissful feelings running through the body, or nothing at all.

When I first received the Oneness Blessing, the effects were subtle, but I felt called back to receive it again and again. It got to the point where receiving the blessing became the highlight of my week.

I couldn't point to anything specific that made me want to return—I didn't feel much when hands were laid on my head. But I was told that deeksha would be life-changing and had heard stories of people coming into money, repairing relationships, having new and exciting jobs drop into their laps, and resolving long-standing legal matters.

Amma & Sri Bhagavan are the married Indian couple who are behind the worldwide Oneness movement. Their mission: nothing short of helping to prepare humankind for the coming Golden Age, an age that has been prophesied by mystics including Edgar Cayce, the Blessed Mother, Native American shaman, and many, many others for decades.

Ardagh first heard about the Oneness movement at a point in his life when he was weary and skeptical of yet another spiritual discipline. A friend of his had just returned from India, after taking the 21-day training course at the Oneness University, and he contacted Ardagh about his experiences.

That friend, Micki Karlholm, reported an experience in which he was able to truly feel the pain that he had caused his former wife. He had failed throughout their marriage to make good on a promise to buy his wife a pair of diamond earrings. After completing the Oneness course, he purchased those forgotten earrings and delivered them to his ex-wife.

After Sri Bhagavan read “The Translucent Revolution,” he invited Ardagh and his wife to visit the Golden City, home of the Oneness movement. Ardagh was impressed with what he found there: the quality of the guides (or “dasas”) who have committed themselves to the movement; the cooperation and lack of rivalry among the guides; and the profound peace he felt while at the campus.

Ardagh suggested to one of the guides that someone ought to write a book about the movement. A couple of days later, that guide suggested that Ardagh, himself, should be the one to write the book.

“Awakening Into Oneness” is in a way, like an oneness blessing in that it is filled with magical stories about the history of the Oneness Movement. These include the history of Sri Amma Bhagavan; their perspective and lives before their arranged marriage; the school, Jeevashram, that they started during their early married life; stories from the students who attended the school; the first appearance of the Golden Ball of light and its effects on the student body; and the closing of the school so that the Oneness University could be born.

Ardagh also presents several accounts of scientists who have studied the effects of deeksha, Oneness facilitators who have trained to give deeksha, and many people that have received deeksha.

Warning: simply by reading this book it will bestow a blessing upon you, which could set you on a journey that you can't yet anticipate. I know first hand, because it happened to me.

Based on the power of the hands-on deeksha blessings, the books and other literature and information found on the web, I felt called to travel to India in October 2007 to take the 21-day course so as to become a deeksha facilitator myself.

In “Awakening Into Oneness,” the author tries to be objective about the Oneness Movement, but he has obviously been swept up in it and admits to his partiality, still, he brings up instances where the movement has been criticized.

Would I recommend this book? Heartily. Deeksha? Heartily.

However, be prepared for the ride of your life.

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