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Joe Vitale has released a special audio recording entitled "The Clearing Audio," that addresses the need to clear out those old patterns of limiting beliefs. You can find our review of "The Clearing Audio" here as well. Read more »

Joe and Pat O'Bryan have also released an advanced version of "The Clearing Audio"

Besides, "The Key" there are several other books that have been released since "The Secret" that have taken the information from the film a step further. One is a new release entitled “Key to Living the Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams" by Jack Canfield and D.D. Watkins

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“The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want”

by Joe Vitale | Released: October 2007




Book review by Scott Mowry

Following quickly on the heels of his breakthrough best seller, "Zero Limits," author Joe Vitale released his next book, "The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want" a mere four months later in October of 2007.

By its very title, "The Key" attempts to capitalize on some essential ingredients that were missing from the widely popular movie, "The Secret," that also featured Joe Vitale as one its major guest stars. And it must be noted that, it is ironic that Joe subtitled this book, "The MISSING Secret for Attracting Anything You Want" because of some of the shortcomings that were noted of the movie for not including enough substantive material.

"The Secret" film dwelled primarily upon the universal law known known as "the law of attraction" as a panacea for manifesting anything that your heart desires. Yet many who have attempted to follow the instructions disseminated in "The Secret" have been disappointed to discover that these methods proved themselves to be somewhat inadequate for achieving the results that they had hoped for.

"Does the 'law of attraction' really work or not? Does anything really work(?), " Joe asks in "The Key." "What's the 'missing secret' to attracting whatever you want, anyway," he adds.

Therefore, one of the major highlights of "The Key" is that it offers a set of very valuable tools that Joe has entitled "clearing methods" to help set our minds straight in order to draw in the things you REALLY want to appear in our lives. Joe stresses that is absolutely crucial to clear out these old, negative patterns of thinking as one of THE most essential steps towards creating new manifestations into our lives such as health, wealth, relationships, success and of ultimately, of course, happiness and fulfillment.

Joe calls those old, negative patterns of thinking as "counter-intentions" that often act as road blocks for creating the real results we seek.

"When you get 'clear' of the hidden beliefs stopping you from attracting whatever you want, you get what others may call 'miracles'," Joe declares. He describes these hidden beliefs as the ingrained mental programming operating behind our experiences which, if, and when we change them, we can then begin to attract what we prefer into our life, instead of, what we don't prefer.

Altogether, "The Key" offers a total of ten different and substantial clearing methods to address those counter-intentions which, ultimately, make up the very heart of the book.

Joe also poses a series of probing questions to ask of yourself in order to identify what might be the particular blocks in your own life preventing you from achieving what you really want. He then offers a very comprehensive step-by-step process in how to remove those blocks.

Another important tool that "The Key" emphasizes in achieving results is the employment of a "coach" into our sphere of influence. A coach would be someone with a clear and detached view of you and your life, who can offer insights, advice and support as you attempt to make major forward movement.

Much to his credit, Joe Vitale has also incorporated much of the wisdom and experience he gained from writing and researching "Zero Limits" into "The Key." In fact, he devotes another entire chapter to the magical Hawaiian healing method known as Ho'oponopono, which is clearing method #5, that was the very essence of "Zero Limits."

"Zero Limits," and his relationship with it's main character, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, has clearly had a profound impact upon Joe Vitale's life, career and philosophy and it would seem certain that any of his future works will continue to incorporate the Ho'oponopono wisdom within its teachings.

"The Key" also features a number of guest contributors including Bob Proctor (also from "The Secret"), Brad Yates, Jennifer McLean, Mandy Evans, Mark Ryan and Dr. Larina Kase.

"The Key" is written in Joe Vitale's usual conversational tone and he is very generous in opening up his life and revealing his own serious health challenges he faced in 2007 while writing this book.

All in all, "The Key" offers a myriad of tools and methods that you can begin to employ in your life immediately in a very powerful fashion! Joe Vitale has carefully pieced together these methods with detail and precision.

I think you will find a least one, but more than likely, many of these clearing methods that will dynamically assist you in removing the blocks that prevent the real magic and manifestations to unfold.

I would give "The Key" one of my strongest recommendations, with the caveat that you may first want to delve into "Zero Limits," if you have not done so already. "The Key" will broaden your understanding of yourself and your process of thinking, however, having a thorough understanding of the wisdom of Ho'oponopono will enhance your experience immensely with utilizing the methods and practices found within this fantastic book.

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