“Though humanity faces a lot of obstacles and danger seems to be lurking around the corner, I would like to tell them that redemption is around the corner. They are going to make it.”

— Sri Bhagavan, avatar,
Oneness Movement

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“Deeksha: The Fire From Heaven — A Divine Energy that Awakens the Enlightenment Process”

by Kiara Windrider with Grace Sears | Released: 2006




Book review by Patty Laferriere

"What do you say after a search that has lasted lifetimes has ended? . . . When asked to define my highest goal in life, I always said, "Enlightenment." I could never see beyond that. I was so attached to the seeking, the questing, the journeying, that I couldn't imagine my life any other way. Who would I be if I ever stopped seeking? . . . I craved enlightenment."

Thus author Kiara Windrider introduces "Deeksha: The Fire From Heaven."

The first chapters chart Windrider's, journey to enlightenment. He and his partner, Grace, are called to the Oneness University in India, home of the Oneness Movement led by twin avatars, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. Grace and Windrider take a course, including teachings and deeksha: the oneness blessing that helps to change the neurobiological structure of the brain. Grace, a mystic, is awakened, and not in some namby pamby fashion, but the full on, seeing-and-hearing-God-and-other-worldly-beings-like-a-really-good-LSD-trip sort of enlightenment that you sometimes read about.

Windrider is envious (who wouldn't be?), but is assured that his awakening will come about too, only it will unfold more slowly so that he's better able to write about it and convey the experience to others.

In addition to Grace and Windrider's experiences, the book also includes the enlightenment stories of six others. And there is a conversation with Sri Bhagavan, who answers questions about who he is—an avatar for enlightenment; why he is here—to help usher in a golden age; what this golden age will look like—(paraphrased) better than now (2008).

The book also includes short sections that link the Oneness Movement to ancient calendar systems, astrophysics, quantum physics, and neuroscience.

And there are the teachings:

• There is only one mind—the ancient mind. It is conditioned by separation and duality.
• Similarly, your thoughts are not your own thoughts, but downloaded from the thought sphere associated with this ancient mind.
• The sense of a separate self is generated by the neurobiological structure of the human brain.
• This "self," in experiencing itself as separate, generates cravings, aversions, comparisons, and judgments, which are the cause of suffering.
• When the self disappears, suffering ends. When cravings drop away, including the craving for enlightenment, you are enlightened.
• The self is an illusion and cannot be enlightened.
• Enlightenment is the realization that there is no self to become enlightened.
• Enlightenment is a neurobiological process.

Early on, Sri Bhagavan speaks of the possibility of a deeksha, or blessing, simply through reading "Deeksha: The Fire From Heaven." As I made my way through the book, this felt more and more true. The teachings help to create a window in the mind that can open to a whole new way of seeing and experiencing life. The prose is good, the content worthwhile, and the promises of the imminent Golden Age make the challenges of the current age more bearable.

The benediction is the awakening of the author and those whose stories he tells. It speaks of the same possibilities for us all. Once a certain number of us reach this level, all of humanity will be carried along into the Golden Age.

For those who understand the feverish desire to awaken, this book is a must-read.

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