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2008 – 2012

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Zero Limits Seminar
As good a book as "Zero Limits" is, this first ever weekend seminar where Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len have teamed together before a live audience, is even better! ...(more)

Money Beyond Belief
Joe Vitale and Brad Yates have teamed together to create "Money Beyond Belief!: Home Tapping System," a fabulous audio and eBook course designed to help transform your ability to attract money, prosperity and wealth into your life by leaps and bounds. ...(more)

Guide to New Age Music
We have compiled a list of some of our most favorite and recommended New Age music and musicians. All of these artists are sensational in their own right and, more than a few of them, have transcended the New Age genre and have crossed over from other musical styles. Nonetheless, they are producing some of the best New Age music to be found. ...(more)

The Solfeggio Frequencies: "The Perfect Circle of Sound"
Music and sound can be a very powerful transformational tool for the human body and soul. However, information has come to light in recent years that our modern day musical scale has been robbed of its vast potential for healing and transformation, and there was once an even more powerful, time-honored tonal scale known as, the "original Solfeggio frequencies." ...(more)

Liquid Mind (aka Chuck Wild): The Minstel of Peace and Tranquility
If Liquid Mind's music puts you to sleep, then that's perfectly fine with its creator, Chuck Wild. After all, that is precisely what he intended it to do. ...(more)

Vangelis: The Greek God of New Age Music
Just one name to represent one man with a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and expansive music career that is quite impressive to behold, to say the least. ...(more)

Omar Akram
Combining elements of pop, dance, electronic, jazz, Indian, Spanish flamenco, classical, new age and, even more, Omar Akram has created an intoxicating brew of uplifting and inspiring music on his most recent album, "Secret Journey." ...(more)

Jonathan Goldman: The Master of Sound Healing
Author, composer, lecturer and musician, Jonathan Goldman is one of the world's great experts in researching and creating healing works through music and sound. He has produced a number of amazing CD's which incorporate ancient transformational tones and sounds, such as the ancient original Solfeggio Frequencies. ...(more)

Scott Huckabay: Guitar Alchemyst
The Jimi Hendrix of inspirational music.

Yes, that is what some have labeled guitarist Scott Huckaby. That title originated from fellow musician, Jonathan Goldman. And one look at a performance by this brilliant and original guitarist from Arizona, you can see why. ...(more)

Iasos: The Maestro of Celestial Harmony
Iasos is a very distinctive and gifted visionary musician, video artist and speaker. He has produced a number of amazing musical masterpieces that promote healing, transformation and evolution of the human soul. ...(more)

The Miracles and Inspiration CD Store
Lots more CD recommendations can be purchased through our store ...(more)

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