"...we've got the core, creative frequencies of that matrix, where there is nothing broken, there is no dis-ease, there is no diss-onance, there is only harmony with this communion Divine."

—Dr. Leonard Horowitz,
author, investigator and speaker

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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – October 13, 2009

Part 2: New Solfeggio Frequencies |

Part 1: David Wilcock's Prophetic Updates

Listen to a recording of this call


Tonight we are going to share with you some new Solfeggio Frequencies music that we hope you will enjoy.

The Solfeggio Frequencies are the original ancient musical scale that promote healing and transformation in the human body and soul. They were discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo, hidden in verses 12-83 in the Bible that revealed a series of repeating numbers. They were subsequently presented to the world in the book, "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse," co-authored by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

The original scale consisted of six notes which correspond to the exact sacred frequencies that are absorbed into the body through the DNA, which act as antenna. Each of these frequencies: 396hz, 417hz, 528hz, 639hz, 714hz and 852hz, is related to a different chakra point. Since their discovery, Dr. Horowitz has added three additional frequencies for a total of nine. These are 174hz and 285hz on the bottom end and 963hz on the top end, which altogether form three perfect sacred geometrical triads to form what is called "The Perfect Circle of Sound."

Just listening to the Solfeggio Frequencies has a magical effect upon the brain and the body, and are a perfect compliment for meditation or just relaxation.

Much more information about the Solfeggio Frequencies can be found at http://www.miraclesandinspiration.com/solfeggiofrequencies.html

Tonight we are going to mainly focus on the 528hz frequency, which corresponds to the middle C on the musical scale. It is also associated with the heart chakra and the color green. The 528hz frequency is also known as the Love frequency as it is the predominant frequency of the Earth, which is why our planet contains some much green plant life everywhere.

So lets go through this new Solfeggio Frequency music and let you listen to this now. Ideally, it would be best for you to get into a relaxed state you can either lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. You can close your eyes and just sit back and let the music wash over you.

Now ideally, over the phone is not the best for reproducing the perfect sound but this will give you an idea of how powerful these frequencies are.

This CD you are going to be listening to is called Love 528 Miracle and it consists of five different tracks. We are going to play each one by one for a total of about 27 minutes of music. The final track you will hear will incorporate binaural beats in the music and will be the strongest of the five.

It will sound like a pulsation frequency and will last less than five minutes. During this meditation lets focus on seeing all this information that we covered during the first hour of our call, being released, hopefully by the end of the year. Let it be so.

So here we go.

We have three different Solfeggio Frequency CD's available now. The first is entitled, "The Original Solfeggio Frequencies" and contains the six original Solfeggio frequencies music.

The second CD is called "The Perfect Circle of Sound" and contains the original six Solfeggio Frequencies, but adds three more to make nine perfect triads of the musical scale.

And finally, we have the Love 528 Miracle CD, which just only contains the 528 frequency which is related to the heart chakra, which in turn is related to the color green and thus to Mother Earth.

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