"Now is the time to prepare yourself for the single most amazing, most incredible and most sacred event in all of human history."

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The Time Has Come

Commentary by Scott Mowry

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The time has come.

Your voices have been heard. Your prayers have been answered. Your wishes have been granted.

You have not been forgotten. Despite what you may have thought, you were never, ever abandoned. Not even for one second.

Rather, you are and always have been loved more than you have ever known, more than you could possibly have fathomed, more than you could have ever possibly imagined. Loved beyond words.

We have arrived at the magical hour...

Now is the time to prepare yourself for the single most amazing, most incredible and most sacred event in all of human history. Nothing in your lifetime (or lifetimes) can even compare to what is happening on planet Earth right now!


From across the Universe, they have come. From all the star systems, from the many far and distant planets and all the way from the other side of the Galaxy. Even from the higher planes of light and the angelic realms.

Thousands upon tens of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of beings answered the call that the human race and Mother Earth were in trouble. Deep, deep trouble. And in order to save humanity and the Earth from total destruction, very drastic measures needed to be taken.

And so, it has been done. Perhaps you may even be one of those that heard the call and have come to help.

So extraordinary, so phenomenal is this plan to help the Earth that nothing of its kind has ever, ever been attempted in the history of the universe until now. And it all is being done for you. That's right...YOU!

In fact, it is such a monumental event that it has drawn the attention of a multitude of other extra-terrestrial, angelic and light beings to observe, to support and to assist if needed. It is considered to be the greatest show in all of the universe and multi-verses.

The plan I speak of is an absolutely miraculous and ingenious one. It had to be carefully and meticulously constructed it would no violate the free will of the people of Earth. In other words, it will not be done against our will.

Therefore, this plan is unfolding from within, from the inside of the human population. Meaning those thousands of souls –– whether you want to call them lightworkers, angels, starseeds, wanderers, ET's, or waves of souls –– have implanted themselves into all societies, countries, races and religions of the world in order to help to raise the frequencies of the Earth to a higher dimension.

This plan is a perfect metaphor for how life operates for us on this 3-D plane of Earth. The reality that we perceive is first created from the inside –– within us, before it actually manifests in front of us –– on the outside, as a real experience. In other words, we are the byproduct of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and beliefs.

This new Earth is being created by this exact same process –– from the inside out. It has been on going for over fifty years now without you even realizing it was happening.

Ultimately, here is what is in store for us –– our planet Earth will be separating into two. The present day Earth will stay on its chaotic and destructive path, meanwhile a whole new Earth, residing in the 5th dimension, will be born. Eventually, there will be two separate yet very distinct Earths.

This new Earth scenario is certainly nothing new. It can even be found in the pages of the Bible and many other ancient prophecies. Now we are beginning to see the details as to how this process will unfold. And it is going to be nothing short of spectacular!

If you have any interest in spirituality, higher consciousness, truth, God, love, unselfishness, compassion, or even, if you are just a kind person, you will make it to this new Earth. Guaranteed! This will become your new home.

However, all will not be joining us. Those that absolutely insist in staying in negativity, violence, religious dogma, fear, control, abuse, or any other negative human miscreation of the human ego, will simply stay with the old Earth and live out their lives as they steadfastly believe in. This will be their choice and we must honor them for that. There are no wrong decisions here.

However, I am here to remind you, my dear friends, the future looks very, very bright for you!

So what exactly is the 5th dimension?

This is the mythical Heaven on Earth, or the Golden Age, we have long heard of. It is a higher vibrational plane where the Earth's people will finally, truly live in peace, love and harmony with one another and with our beloved Mother Earth.

War, strife, oppression, subjugation and violence will no longer exist simply because these human failings will vibrate too low for the higher frequencies of the new Earth.

The only trick is you will also have to match your frequencies to the higher vibrations in order to live upon the new Earth. And that will be relatively easy.

So you may be asking yourself, "how will I move to the new Earth and when?" The answer is a very simple one.

It will not require much of you but only a couple of very important decisions. Granted, these decisions will require some serious effort to achieve but they will all be well worth it.

The first important decision to be made is to forgive.

Forgive everyone and everything in your life, including yourself. Practice forgiveness on daily basis. By forgiving everyone and everything in your life, you are letting go of eons and eons and eons of karma.

Karma is one of the major human foibles that has been miscreated upon the Earth. Karma could potentially hold you back from moving to the new Earth so it is important to decide if it is really worth hanging on to. I can assure you, it is not.

Now is the time to let go of all of your old grudges, heartaches, anger, revenge, charges, and just plain old hate you may be have for anyone or anything. These will no longer serve you. If you hold on to any of these, you simply will not be able to resonate with the new Earth.

If you feel unsure about how to practice forgiveness then you may want to seek out the ancient Hawaiian healing art know as Ho'oponopono. It is simple and easy to do. It has a very simple mantra that you can employ on a moment by moment basis and it goes, "I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you."

Those words alone have the power to create miracles in your life.

The second most important responsibility you have to do in order to make it to the new Earth is let go of fear. Fear is the strongest negative human emotion of all. Fear has robbed you and deceived you of many great gifts in your life. You don't need that anymore, either.

Simply put, fear is not to be trusted.

Fear emanates from the very limited part of ourselves known as the conscious mind. It also been called the monkey mind, the donkey mind, or the reptilian mind, or the ego.

The conscious mind ultimately knows nothing! However, it spends all of its time convincing you it does. And then, after working at this misadventure all day long, it becomes so worn out, it must fall asleep.

Your conscious mind cannot be trusted either. That is why it is also imperative to learn to listen to and honor your heart. It will never let you down.

When you achieved these two requirements, then you will be able to move to the new Earth in a slow and gradual process. It may take some time before you actually realize you are living upon the new Earth but once you are there, you will be home free.

Ultimately, how do we know all of this to be true? Ask yourself –– how does this information resonate with me? If it feels good, if it feels right, if it strikes a chord within your heart, then it is true for you. So embrace it as your own.

Realize this –– what is unfolding on planet Earth right now is the most supreme act of love ever conceived by anyone in the history of the cosmos. That is how important you are!

The most magnificent gift ever conceived for any group of souls is about to be unveiled for you. This is the greatest time to be on planet Earth. Bar none!

The opportunity now exists to shed eons and eons of accumulated karma from your soul and to wipe the slate clean! This fact alone is worth dancing on the rooftops for, yet there is so much more in store for you that will be your reward for making it this far.

Embrace the changes that are upon us with an open mind and an open heart and with the expectation that you will be participating fully. In other words, just allow it to unfold and you will be just fine.

The Golden Age is upon us and your whole way of life is undergoing a major upgrade and a transformation so that you will be able to live that dream.

The bottom line is you and you alone create your own reality. Why not create the most beautiful, wonderful and grandest life you can possibly conceive for yourself, right now?

Yes, the time has come to realize you are much more than you ever thought you were.

The time has come to realize you are much more than your body, more than your name, more than your identity and more than your family tree. You are much greater than who you have been ever told that you were.

The time has come to understand that you are multi-dimensionally, spiritually empowered being of unlimited power and potential. And always have been.

The time has come to awaken to your true Divine heritage. You were born from the stars and so someday you shall return to the stars. You were created in the image of God, so in essence, you are just the same as God is. Perfect. Divine perfection.

Yes, the time has come –– YOUR time has come, YOUR dreams have come true, YOUR prayers have been answered. Now is the time to proclaim your Divinity and immortality and to celebrate the arrival of YOUR Heaven on Earth. You have earned it.

Rejoice! Sing! Dance! Live it up! Give thanks! And most especially, don't worry, be happy!

Yes, your time has come to remember who and what you really are and to proclaim it as never before.

Angelic Human Race:

An Urgent Message from Keisha Crowther – Little Grandmother

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