“God is coming very close to man. It is a lost relationship. Now that the Golden Age is back, man and God have to come together. They have to become friends, once again.”

— Sri Bhagavan, avatar
Oneness Movement

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Part 5: The Moola Mantra

Part 6: Stuart Mooney – The American Buddha

The Art & Science of Stuart Mooney's Applied Awakening

Read our review of "Awakening Into Oneness" book

Read our review of the "Awakening Into Oneness" DVD boxed set

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1) “The Future of the Planet” from " A Movement in Consciousness" DVD
Very, very inspiring message on the future! A must see!

2) "2002 Gathering with Sri Bhagavan"
Another extremely inspiring message.

3) "A Movement in Consciousness" DVD
This is one of the best collections of the wisdom of Sri Bhagavan.

4) “2005 Oneness Message
Incredibly inspiring message on the Golden Age.

5) "The Mind" excerpt from "A Movement in Consciousness" DVD
Superb information on the ancient mind.

6) "Awakening Into Oneness" 4-DVD boxed set
This is the best way to learn all about the Oneness University.

7) "The Futility of Effort"
Very insightful wisdom.

8) "Importance of the Heart"
Understanding of the value of heart over mind.

9) "The Oneness University"
Excellent explanation of the purpose of the Oneness University.

10) "What Is Enlightenment?"
More profound wisdom on soul evolution.


Miracles & Inspiration Oneness University video collection

An outstanding collection of Oneness Movement videos can be found here

The Oneness Movement Intro

Author Arjuna Ardagh Introducing the Oneness Blessing–Part 1

Author Arjuna Ardagh Introducing the Oneness Blessing–Part 2

Author Arjuna Ardagh Introducing the Oneness Blessing–Part 3

Fiji Island Process


Oneness Temple: Powerhouse of Awakening

Oneness Temple Inauguration


Official site for the Oneness University

World Oneness Community

Arjuna Ardagh Official Site

Deeksha: Fire from Heaven


Find a Oneness Facilitator

Margaret Nixon / Deeksha NW

Brenda Teagarden


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The Oneness Blessing from India

Part 3: Videos/DVD's and CDs

Part 4: Latest Oneness / Sri Bhagavan Videos | Part 5: The Moola Mantra |

Part 6: Stuart Mooney – The American Buddha |

Part 1: Overview | Part 2: Books and Web Resources

by Scott Mowry


"Awakening Into Oneness" DVD Boxed Set
Author Arjuna Ardagh was given unprecedented access to both the Oneness University and quality time with Sri and Amma Bhagavan for this extended four-DVD, nearly eight-hour long boxed set.

He also conducted extended interviews with other Blessing Givers and "Dasas," who are an integral part of the Oneness University. In addition, Mr. Ardagh interviewed people from across the globe who have received the Oneness Blessing, which includes some famous actors, musicians and others.

This DVD set provides a very intimate portrait of the Oneness University and Sri and Amma Bhagavan that cannot be found anywhere else. It is a perfect compliment to the "Awakening Into Oneness" book and supplies the background material on why Arjuna Ardagh was so taken by his initial experiences at the Oneness University.

By the time you complete viewing this boxed set, you will have a very good understanding of the Oneness Movement, the Oneness University and the Oneness Blessing and why this has become such a world-wide phenomenon.

You can watch an excerpt from this DVD set here:

Excellent study of the whole Oneness Movement, the Oneness University and the Oneness Blessing. Highly recommended!

Read our complete review on the "Awakening to Oneness" DVD box set here.

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"A Movement In Consciousness: A Global Awakening" 2-DVD Set
"A Movement In Consciousness: A Global Awakening" is an absolutely superb two-DVD set that is perhaps the best source of the wisdom of Sri Bhagavan to be found. On the first DVD, Sri Bhagavan provides insights into a variety of vitally important subjects which include: "Avatars," "Enlightenment and Deeksha," "The Phenomenon and Consciousness," "God," "The Mind" and "The Future of the Planet."

Each of these sections is a virtual treasure trove of wisdom and is well worth repeated viewing's, particularly, "The Future of the Planet," which features some of Sri Bhagavan's most inspiring words ever!

This DVD is very difficult to find for purchase, however, you can view the first part of this set in its entirety on YouTube and the links are found below and on the left hand panel:

I. Avatars
II. Enlightenment and Deeksha
III. The Phenomenon and Consciousness
IV. The Mind
V. God
VI. The Future of the Planet

The second DVD of this set features author Arjuna Ardagh conducting interviews with several individuals who have received the Oneness Blessing and have had profound experiences with it.

These interviews provide the supporting evidence that the Deeksha phenomenon is taking people on profound steps towards awakening and enlightenment.

This is another excellent and essential DVD if you desire to learn more about the Oneness Movement. Strongest recommendation!

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Sri Bhagavan often speaks on the vital importance of the relationship between parents and children. It is so significant, in fact, it is one of the pivotal cornerstones of the whole Oneness Movement.

"The key factor to accept grace is to set right your relationship with your parents," he states on the selection, "Abundant Grace."

Although only about a half an hour in length, the "Relationships" CD still offers some beautiful and profound wisdom from Sri Bhagavan, which further illustrates why he is such a charismatic and inspirational figure. The overall tone throughout this CD is very soothing and relaxing as his words are accompanied by gentle music.

"I love you more than you love yourself," he states on the selection "Meaning of Oneness." Just one of the many highlights of this CD.

This entire CD can be heard in twelve sections on YouTube. The links can be found below:
1. Life is Relationship (Audio 1)
2. Inner & Outer Conflict (Audio 2)
3. Acting in Relationships (Audio 3)
4. Youth and Parents (Audio 4)
5. Abundant Grace (Audio 5)
6. Miracles (Audio 6)
7. Meaning of Oneness (Audio 7)
8. What is Enlightenment? (Audio 8)
9. Need for Enlightenment (Audio 9)
10. Omniscient State (Audio 10)
11. Who is God (Audio 11)
12. Meaning of the Moolamantra (Audio 12)

Excellent words of wisdom from Sri Bhagavan. Highly recommended and worth listening to repeatedly!

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"Oneness Insights Volume 2"

"Oneness InsightsVolume 2" is another essential set of Sri Bhagavan's infinite wisdom and inspiring words.

(more to come)

There are a wide range of music CDs associated with the Oneness Movement many of which can be purchased from our Amazon.com store below.

Temple Bhajan Band

Krishna Das

Deva Premal

Deva Premal & Miten


Other music can be found at the Kosmic Music web site.

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Part 4: Latest Oneness / Sri Bhagavan Videos | Part 5: The Moola Mantra |

Part 6: Stuart Mooney – The American Buddha |

Part 1: Overview | Part 2: Books and Web Resources

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