“You came into this life perfect, only the data, or the information, is imperfect”

— Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Joe Vitale and
Dr. Ikalahea Hew Len


Tools for Transformation: Ho'oponopono

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Brenda Teagarden


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Miracles and Inspiration Conference Call Notes – July 1, 2008

Part 2: "The User Illusion", David Wilcock & Indiana Jones |

Part 1: Miracles and Inspiration Introduction, Ho'oponopono & Zero Limits


So after reading the "Zero Limits" book and listening to the "Zero Limits" seminar, which is like the advanced course from the book, the most amazing thing I learned was that we really don't know ANYTHING. If fact, our conscious mind or our intellect, is woefully under prepared to understand life and it is willing to fight us to the death in order to be right.

Dr. Hew Len cites a book that is called "The User Illusion" you can find it the Ho'oponopono section of our web site where you can order a copy for yourself. In that book there is a wealth of scientific research and study on how our minds actually work.

So here is the absolute crucial information of why we have decided to change direction...the conscious mind or the intellect, as Dr. Hew Len states is only capable of processing about 15 bits of information per second, where the conscious mind is capable of processing about 15 million per second.

Dan will you a brief passage from this book?

From "The User Illusion" author Tor Nørretranders states:
“The fact is that every single second, millions of bits of information flood in through our senses. But our consciousness processes only perhaps forty bits a second--at most. Millions and millions of bits are condensed to a conscious experience that contains practically no information at all."

And this from Dr. Hew Len, in his article "Who's In Charge?" which can be found in Ho'oponopono section of our Miracles and Inspiration web site:

"The intellect or the conscious mind believes it is the problem solver, that it controls what happens and what is experienced.

In his book “The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size,” science journalist Tor Nørretranders paints a different picture of Consciousness. He cites research studies, particularly those of Professor Benjamin Libet of the University of California at San Francisco, that show that decisions are made before Consciousness makes them, and that the intellect is only conscious of between 15 or 20 bits of information per second out of million in reaction below its awareness!"

We came to realize that trying to figure out what is really going on in the world is a hopeless endeavor. You end up going round and round in circles like the proverbial dog chasing its tail. So if we use our minds or our intellect to try and figure things out we will NEVER find the answers we seek. Therefore, you have to turn everything over to the Divine and ask IT to take care of our questions, our problems, our conflicts.

I don't even really pay attention to what is going on in Washington, DC or with the election or with the Bush administration of with the economy or with all the shenanigans going on around the world with Leo Wanta, with Christopher Story, with Poof, Lou Dobbs and all of those sources we used to cover on our call because it is all just BS, as Dr. Hew Len would say. Not a lot of it really matters.

Now we realize this news may be shocking to some of you who have followed us over the years, but honestly, it seemed for us, the only way to move forward.

None of the information or the sources we followed seemed to have any accuracy. None of the predictions of world events have come true. None of the so-called experts seem to really know what is really going. That is not to say they don't have some validity and I don't mean to discourage you from doing your own reading and investigations, but we have decided we need more tools to get at the truth.

And one of the best ways is with Ho'oponopono.

We have come to realize that it is now especially important to call upon a higher power so to speak, and access this Divine database of wisdom that is patiently waiting for you that has the perfect answers just for you.

Dan, anything you would like to add to that?

a brief discussion of the Zero Limits seminar
audio clip from Dr. Hew Len on the subconscious mind

Our thoughts on the Ho'oponopono weekend seminar that both Dan and Scott have attended
Dan's experiences at the Ho'oponopono seminar w/ Dr. Hew Len
Dan's lunch meeting w/ Dr. Hew Len

Our personal transformations using Ho'oponopono

We have invited some very special guest speakers tonight to share their wonderful experiences using Ho'oponopono and the book "Zero Limits". These folks have kindly given up their time to give you a broader understanding of the tremendous power that this Hawaiian healing system can do for you as well.

I would like to you listen very carefully to all of these special people we have invited and listen to the words and the experiences that they have had and I think you will begin to understand how it can work in your life as well.

So guest speakers, please hang tight as I going to be introducing you one by one but first I want to see if you are all there. So I am going to call out your name one by one and just say hello for us, please and they we will come back to each one of you and allow you to speak individually.

Brenda from Georgia
Barbara from Massachusetts
Josie from Arizona
Margaret from Washington
Huldah from Washington

I want to thank each one of you that has come on tonight. We are so grateful to have your insights as well and we are very fortunate that you could join us.

OK, lets take a short break for 5 minutes

David Wilcock is one of the other fantastic information sources that has emerged as a very inspirational and he is prominently featured on our web site

Dan on David Wilcock & Edgar Cayce

the pineal gland and Ho'oponopono and the subconscious mind-the gateway to the super natural-the super consciousness or divine consciousness

Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Vatican says it's ok to love aliens because they are God's creatures too
audio clip from David Wilcock on the new Indiana Jones movie
Dan's thoughts on the Indiana Jones movie


We have researched a lot of fantastic and enlightening wisdom and we have created a list for the best information that we have found so far. These are various audio and video programs and you can watch or listen to most of them from our web site. Here is our list:

The Miracles and Inspiration Top 10 recommended list
1) "Zero Limits" seminar audio recording
2) David Wilcock-"The 2012 Enigma" video
3) any of the Dr. Hew Len 5 radio interviews
4) David Wilcock-Red Ice Creations radio interview-June 1, 2008
5) A Movement in Consciousness: A Global Awakening DVD/video
6) David Wilcock-The Road to Ascension video
7) The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls video
8) Zeitgeist: The Movie DVD
9) David Wilcock-The Science of Peace audio recording
10) Jose Arguëlles 2012 Prophecy & The Spiritual Journey video

audio clips
-Dr. Hew Len on the subconscious mind
-David Wilcock on unfolding plan of the Divine from Red Ice Creations (subscription required from redicecreations.com)
-David Wilcock on the Indiana Jones movie from Red Ice Creations (hour 2)

David Wilcock has added a second part to his continuing series entitled, "2012 Politics," audio blog. This is most inspiring and highly recommended in which he enthusiastically discusses Barack Obama, and the end of the road for the Neo-Con led New World Order.

"They have lost the edge. You are watching them fall apart right now. This is what's happening. Let go of the sense that these guys are so big and bad and powerful and so menacing. You (and they) are at the end of the road," he says.

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